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We can’t talk about 2021 trends without mentioning the elephant in the room – 2020. Due to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders across the country this past year, people found themselves home more than ever before. Many homeowners have opted to improve their homes and outdoor spaces as these spaces have become a larger part of their family and social lives. This will have an impact on the types of fences homeowners choose in 2021.

2021 Fence Trends

Horizontal/Contemporary fence

As clean lines and minimalism in design continue to rise, we’ll see this reflected in fence as well. Homeowners who choose this style for their home interior and exterior will likely continue the design seamlessly into their outdoor space.

Photo from Houzz

Outdoor Lighting on Fence

This is a carry-over trend from 2020. As more people are entertaining outside, we anticipate an increase in adding lighting to fences. Homeowners may install lighting pointing up at the fence to add drama to their space or attach lighting to the fence for function and security.

Laser Cut Metal Fencing

A new trend this year – laser cut metal fencing. Homeowners love creating their own, customized space. Laser cut metal provides homeowners with that opportunity. Full metal panels may be used, or inserts to accent a fence of a different material.

Mixed Material Fencing

The mixed material trend is not new, but it’s continuing to rise. We’ll continue to see the creative use of mixed materials to achieve new privacy and curb appeal solutions. Combinations could include cinderblock and wood, corrugated metal and wood, and more.

Low maintenance and long-lasting fence

Low-maintenance and long-lasting fences won’t ever be out of style, but this will become more important as homeowners are choosing their fence styles this year. Many will want to put up fences they don’t have to spend time to maintain. This includes low-maintenance materials like aluminum, vinyl and composite.

Outdoor Essentials Northport Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel surrounding pool

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