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5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Fence

July 2022

If you are contemplating if you should install a fence around your property, then you are not alone. It is an investment and can be a big task if you install it yourself. However, here are a few scenarios in which we strongly recommend you install one.

1. You have an outdoor pool. 

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Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, it is critical to have a fence around the perimeter of it. It is the best way to prevent accidents, keep wildlife out, and give your family privacy. (Check with your local municipality for pool fence regulations first.)

2. Your neighbors are too close for comfort.

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Although you may love your neighbors, it does not hurt to add a privacy fence. You only need to add a few fence panels to turn your open yard into a secluded space. Check out our fence panel options to get started.

3. You have young children and pets.

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A fence provides a safety barrier between your loved ones and potential dangers outside your yard. Choose a fence style that cannot be crawled through or hopped over to give your yard the security you desire. It will bring you peace of mind knowing your kids and pets are protected when they want to spend time playing outside.

4. You have a garden.

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Protect your garden against wildlife by installing a fence around the entire perimeter of your yard. Or, you can add fencing around your garden with a spaced picket or hog wire fence to create a barrier while still being able to view your plants. (Check out other ways to prevent pests from feasting: 10 Ways to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garden).

5. You have to upgrade your current fence.

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A dilapidated fence is not safe and not ideal for curb appeal. And, if it is beyond repair, it may be best to tear it down and start fresh. When choosing a new fence styleconsider what will look best next to your home and neighborhood and how you want it to function.

The first step when you decide to install a fence is to determine whether you’re tackling the project yourself or hiring a professional. Next, decide if you want your fence to be vinyl or wood. But, which one is ideal for your lifestyle? (Learn more: Wood vs. Vinyl, Which is Right for You?Check out Outdoor Essentials fencing options to get started.