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5 Ways Ranch Rail Can Improve Your Outdoor Space

August 1, 2018

Posted by Ashley VanderWall


Vinyl ranch rail fence combines the traditional look of a post and rail farm fence with the low-maintenance of vinyl. It has plenty of uses, from marking boundaries on a rambling ranch to accenting the landscaping of a suburban home.

Here are five ways to use vinyl ranch rail:

  1. Define the property lines in your backyard with vinyl ranch rail fencing.
    White 2 rail vinyl ranch rail fence marking backyard property lines
  2. Build a corner using two sections of ranch rail to accent or protect landscaping along a sidewalk or driveway.
    White 2 rail viny ranch rail fence corner used as landscape accent
  3. Mix vinyl ranch rail with stone pillars and walls to create a stately fence along your property.
    Mixed material fence vinyl ranch rail and stone posts and stone wall
  4. Increase your home’s curb appeal by lining the front with a 2-rail vinyl fence.
    White vinyl 2 rail ranch rail fence lining front of home increasing curb appeal
  5. Surround your pasture with ranch rail to create a safe environment for your livestock.
    Three rail vinyl ranch rail fence marking boundaries of pasture

Vinyl ranch rail is low-maintenance, so you’ll never need to paint or stain it – simply spray it off when it gets dirty. Check out size options on the product pages or learn more about the care and maintenance on our blog.