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6 Eyesores You Can Hide with Artificial Landscape Rocks

Updated May 20, 2019

You wouldn’t want to go without the modern convenience of electricity. But you sure don’t like the look of that metal utility box in the yard.

Well, take that eyesore away!

No, we’re not talking about going off the grid. We’re talking about putting the utility box out of sight using an artificial landscape rock. A lightweight, yet durable faux rock can cover up that ugly-looking box with the natural look of stone. Just measure the dimensions of the box, order the rock size that fits and, voila, you’ll get that blot on your landscape out of view and have the beginnings of a cute little garden.

If you don’t have a utility box in your yard, maybe you have one (or more!) of these other things you’d rather not see.

An artificial landscape rock can hide these outdoor eyesores (and more!):


Our artificial landscape rocks are hollow, so you can slip them over an electrical box, wellhead or any other unsightly device sticking up in your yard. They’re perfect for a DIY landscaping job.

Sewer Cleanouts

A sewer cleanout can be a lifesaver if there’s a blockage in your pipes. But you don’t need to leave that ugly thing exposed all the time. Our artificial rocks are available in gray and tan colors designed and painted to look natural, like the real thing, so they’re an attractive addition to your landscape.

Outdoor Essentials artificial landscape rock hiding sewer cleanout

Outdoor Essentials artificial landscape rock hiding sewer cleanout

Sprinkler Heads

It’s nice to cover up a sprinkler head that sticks out of the ground. Of course, you have to uncover it when you water the yard. Good thing our hollow landscape rocks are lightweight and easy to move. A medium-sized rock like this one weighs less than 10 pounds!

Hollow artificial landscape rock hiding sprinkler - after

Tree Stumps

You can cover up that rotting, old tree stump in the yard with an artificial landscape rock and create a nice place to have a seat for the kids – or you. Even though our faux rocks are light, they’re not fragile. They have a thick, durable fiberglass composite wall that’s strong enough to support the weight of a grown person.

Giant hollow artificial landscape rock with teen reading book

Drain Tiles

Our artificial landscape rocks are drillable, so you can cover up that drain in the yard and still run a hose to it. Plus, they’re wind-resistant, so they won’t blow away in bad weather. And with a long-lasting, UV-resistant finish, they won’t fade in the sun.

Medium skimmer artificial rock covering drain tile

Electrical Outlets

Just like the utility box out in the yard, you don’t want to go without electrical outlets on your home’s exterior. You can block the outlet from sight with a real-looking faux rock instead of hiring a contractor to bring in real rocks using heavy equipment. And no need to secure the rock to the ground with stakes. Just put it where you want it and you’re good to go.

Hollow artificial landscape rock hiding elecrical box in yard

Landscape rock hiding electrical box - after

Check out all our sizes, styles and colors of artificial landscape rocks and hide that eyesore in your yard today!