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7 Reasons to Love Artificial Landscape Rocks

Updated June 6, 2019

Ashley VanderWall

It doesn’t get better than the real thing…or does it? When it comes to rocks for your yard, there is a lot to love about artificial landscape rocks.

Here are seven reasons you should love artificial landscape rocks:

1. They’re perfect hiding spots.

Because they are hollow, they provide the perfect cover for wellheads, tree stumps, electric boxes and any other unsightly areas of your yard.

hollow artificial landscape rock hiding an electrical box

2. They look like the real thing.

Outdoor Essentials artificial landscape rocks look so real, they can be used in place of real rocks in your garden or landscape beds.

artificial landscape rocks in flowering landscape bed

3. They can help ensure you have a way in your house when you’ve been locked out.

Yes – we have a key rock that is small enough to be inconspicuous, yet large enough to fit your house key.

hollow artificial key rock is perfect for hiding a key

4. They are drillable.

Our artificial rocks can be easily drilled to run hoses or electrical wires – all you need is a power drill and standard drill bits.

large hollow fake landscape rock with drill hole

5. They are easy to move.

Ever tried to move a real boulder? It’s impossible without some heavy-duty equipment; that boulder is staying wherever the landscaper placed it. Artificial rocks are easy to move – perfect for the DIY landscaper. They are heavy enough to stay put, but light enough to move using only a little muscle.

Hollow fake rocks are easy to move DIY landscaping

6. They come in many shapes and sizes.

Whether you want to hide a small drain tile or a large tree stump - there is a fake rock to hide nearly any eyesore. Check out our size reference guide for side-by-side comparisons.

artificial rocks come in different shapes and sizes

7. They make for a perfect resting spot.

Don’t let the hollow nature of these fake rocks fool you – they can offer you a lot of support. They are made of a durable, fiberglass composite, strong enough to handle a grown person sitting (or standing) on them.

artificial landscape rock teen reading book resting place

We offer artificial landscape rocks in a variety of sizes for nearly any application. Check out our product page to learn more!