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Five Reasons You Need a New Fence

November 20, 2018

Ashley VanderWall

Creating that list of outdoor projects you need to accomplish?

Do you need a new fence on that list??

Here are five reasons to put up a new fence:

  1. You have a pool.
    If you have a pool, you probably already have a fence around it. (If not, we recommend it; it’s a safety essential. Check with your local municipality for pool fence regulations.) But – do you have the privacy you want around that pool? If not, consider adding a privacy or semi-privacy fence around your yard’s perimeter. Not only will it block outsiders’ view, but it will add a secluded vibe to your yard.

  2. Your neighbors are close.
    Even if you love your neighbors, sometimes you just need time to yourself. And if your neighbor’s house is right next to yours, that can be hard to find. A privacy fence can turn your open yard into a secluded space. If you aren’t interested in fully surrounding your yard with a fence, consider adding just a few sections of fence to shield a specific area, such as an outdoor patio or play area.

  3. You have young children or fur babies.
    We all want a safe place for our babies, whether they’re our children or our pets. A fence provides a barrier between your babies and a road, creek or other potential hazard. Fencing in your yard will give you peace of mind when your children (or pets) go out to play. Any fence style that can’t be crawled through or hopped over will give your yard the security you desire.
    Check out these helpful tips for choosing a dog-friendly fence.

  4. You have a garden.
    You labor over your garden; the last thing you want is wildlife feasting on your fruit. Adding a spaced picket or hog wire fence around your garden keeps deer and other animals away while still giving you a view of it.

  5. Your current fence is falling down.
    A dilapidated fence is not good for curb appeal (or safety, for that matter). If your current fence is beyond repair, it may be best to tear it down and start fresh. Fencing contributes as much to curb appeal as it does to privacy or security. When choosing that new fence style, consider what will look best next to your home and in your neighborhood, along with how you want it to function.

If you decide you need a new fence, you first need to determine whether you are tackling the project yourself or hiring it out. If you’re doing it yourself, see this blog post for some tips on how to get started. If you’re hiring it out, be sure to do your research on the installer, ask the right questions and check references.