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Five Ways to Use Your Picnic Table

June 21, 2017

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

Want to get more use out of your picnic table?

Yes, picnic tables are perfect for mealtime, but if we use them only for mealtime, we aren't using them to their full potential. Picnic tables offer ample seating and plenty of table space - perfect for gatherings both large and small.

Here are five different ways to use your picnic table:

1. Game night. Grab some games, drinks, food and, of course, friends, and enjoy a little friendly competition in the fresh air.

Outdoor Essentials picnic table with outdoor game night

2. Birthday parties. For those lucky enough to have a birthday when the weather's nice, celebrate outside. And you don’t have to worry about dropping cake on the floor. ;)

Outdoor Essentials wood picnic table with outdoor birthday party

3. Neighborhood potluck. Share the cooking and invite your neighbors over with a dish to pass. Adding fun chalkboard labels adds some interest to the table and keeps the mystery out of your neighbor’s casserole.

Outdoor Essentials wood picnic table with neighborhood potluck

4. Date night. Who says you need to go out for date night? Put the kids (or dogs) to bed early and enjoy an evening outside with your sweetie.

Outdoor Essentials wood picnic table with wine and cheese date night

5. Margarita night. Margaritas aren’t only for summer, and gatherings can be more fun with a theme. Host a margarita party.

Outdoor Essentials wood picnic table with margarita night

A wooden picnic table is a durable, affordable seating option. Don't have one? Buy one at your local building supply store or order online to ship to your house within a few days. Outdoor Essentials® wooden picnic tables come in DIY-friendly, easy-to-assemble kits. You can leave them natural or customize them with paint or stain.

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