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How much does a vinyl fence cost?

February 5, 2020

Ashley VanderWall

Vinyl fence cost can range widely, averaging from $1200 - $6000. The large range of pricing depends on a variety of factors – fence style, size, and installation method to name a few. We’ll explain how each of these factors impacts the cost, so you can better determine how much you’ll need to set aside for your own fence project.

Factor #1 – Fence Style

One of the main factors that impacts pricing is fence style. Do you want full privacy or spaced picket? Are you looking for a basic fence or something more decorative? White or another color?

Privacy vs Spaced Picket

Generally, you’ll pay more for a privacy fence than a spaced picket fence. This is mainly due to the material cost.

Privacy fences are typically larger with tongue-and-groove pickets that create a solid panel. For just the vinyl fence material, it’ll cost you $18-$25 per linear foot for a privacy fence.

For a 150 ft fence, that’s $2700 - $3700.

Spaced picket fences, on the other hand, are shorter with fewer pickets and larger gaps. A spaced picket fence will cost you approximately $13-$20 per linear foot.

$1950 - $3000 for a 150 ft fence.

Basic vs Decorative

If you are looking for something more decorative than the basic privacy or spaced picket fence, plan to spend more money. Style features such as baluster tops, lattice tops, or unique picket patterns can cost you 10-20% more than the basic version.

Baluster Top

Outdoor essentials Olympia lattice top vinyl fence in backyard cornerLattice Top

Alternating Pickets

Colors and Textures

Most vinyl fence products are white or tan with a flat finish. You’ll pay about the same amount for either of those colors. If you are interested in a unique color or texture, expect to pay more. A darker color such as black vinyl fence can cost as much as 40% more than white. A cedar color with woodgrain texture can cost 10-15% more.

Factor #2 – Panel Size

When pricing out your fence project, it’s important to look beyond the price of the panel – you’ll want to calculate the price per foot. 8 ft wide panels are typically more expensive than 6 ft wide ones, but often they prove to be a better deal per foot. This is because you are using fewer posts across the whole project. Fewer posts means fewer post caps, fewer brackets, and fewer installation materials such as concrete and gravel. There may also be some labor savings because you’ll need to dig fewer post holes and install fewer panels.

6 ft Fence Panel

8 ft Fence Panel

Factor #3 – DIY vs Hire it Out

Are you going to tackle the project yourself or enlist the help of a professional?

Hiring it Out

According to, labor cost averages $4.68/linear foot. For a 150 ft. fence, you’ll spend around $700 to have it installed. But that’s just an average. The installation cost could be higher if your yard poses challenges such as rocky terrain, unique landscape features, or steep slopes.


If you’re planning to save money on your fence project by doing it yourself, remember to factor in all the costs for installation. In addition to the vinyl fence materials, you’ll want to factor in the cost of permits, materials such as stakes, string line, concrete and gravel, and the cost of buying or renting any equipment (a power auger will come in handy for digging post holes).

Factor #4 – Quality

As with most things, you’ll get what you pay for. Cheap vinyl fence is typically just that – cheap. It’ll be thinner and more likely to warp, yellow, or crack. You may pay a little bit more for quality vinyl fence, but you’ll also get more. Quality vinyl fence is thicker, more durable, and is often made with a vinyl blend that has built-in UV-resistance to protect against yellowing or cracking. Most higher-end vinyl fence brands offer a lifetime-limited warranty.

Factor #5 – Add-ons

If you want to add any special features to your fence, be sure to include that in the project cost. Typical add-ons are fence gates, lighting and decorative post caps.

Outdoor Essentials Olympia Lattice Top Vinyl Fence Gate

To Sum It Up

Approximate Cost for 150 ft. Vinyl Fence

Fence Style

Cost for DIY

Cost for Installed

Basic Spaced Picket

$1950 - $3000

$2650 - $3700

Decorative Spaced Picket

$2150 - $3300

$2850 - $4000

Basic Privacy

$2700 - $3700

$3400 - $4400

Decorative Privacy

$3250 - $4400

$3950 - $5100

These costs are just estimates. When you’re ready to move forward with your fence project, you should get an estimate from a recommended fence installer in your area.

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