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How to Build Our Raised Garden Bed

April 24, 2017

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

We believe that when it comes to design, simpler is better.

And our wooden raised garden bed really couldn’t be simpler to put together. You can build this garden bed in under ten minutes and the only thing you’ll need is a power drill.


Here’s how to build our raised garden bed in less than ten minutes:

  1. Unpack the wood components and hardware. There are four sides (which are precut and predrilled, by the way) and eight Phillips head screws.
    outdoor essentials 3x3 rustic raised garden bed unassembled

  2. Place two sides together to make a corner (metal plates facing inward). Drive screws into predrilled holes to connect the two sides.
    Outdoor Essentials raised garden bed assembly

  3. Repeat with remaining sides to complete the raised garden bed.
    outdoor essentials raised garden bed assembly

    outdoor essentails raised garden bed assembly

Easy, right? Now all you need to do is find the perfect location for your raised garden bed and jump right into planting. Enjoy!

We offer our easy-to-assemble wooden raised garden beds in two styles - rustic pine and cedar. Check out our options and find our where to buy here!