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How to refresh your landscape with fake rocks

August 8, 2018

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

One way to add depth and texture to your landscape is with artificial rocks.

Using our hollow, artificial landscape rocks is a smart, DIY-friendly way to refresh your landscape. They are real and organic looking, and you don’t need heavy equipment to move them! Makes it easy for do-it-yourself projects! No more concerns of getting large rocks across your well-manicured lawn without tearing it up. Simply carry it!

Here are three ways to refresh your landscape with artificial landscape rocks:

  1. Group them in threes to create attractive focal points. Use one large rock with two helper stones to add height and dimension to your yard or landscape.
    group of outdoor essentials fake rocks - large gray rock, large gray boulder, small gray rock
    Sizes in photo: Large Gray Boulder, Large Gray Rock and Small Gray Rock
    Group of fake rocks in landscaping - small tan, large tan, jumbo gray
    Sizes in photo: Jumbo Gray Rock, Large Tan Rock and Small Tan Rock
    group of outdoor essentials fake rocks - gray giant boulder, extra large gray rock, medium gray skimmer
    Sizes in photo: Giant Gray Boulder, Extra Large Gray Rock and Medium Gray Skimmer
  2. Pair them to add texture and fill bare spots in your landscape beds. Choose contrasting styles and colors to give them the look of natural stone.
    outdoor essentials large fake boulder and small fake rock in front of red house
    Sizes in photo: Large Tan Boulder and Small Tan Rock
    outdoor essentials small and medium skimmer fake rocks in ground cover and hostas
    Sizes in photo: Medium Tan Skimmer and Small Gray Skimmer
  3. Use a single stone to add height or break up textures.
    outdoor essentials jumbo fake rock next to hostas in front of white house
    Size in photo: Jumbo Tan Rock
    outdoor essentials small skimmer fake rock in landscaping
    Size in photo: Small Tan Skimmer

Follow these helpful tips to ensure a smooth fake rock landscaping project:

  1. Measure the area where you plan to place the fake rocks and make sure to choose the right size rock for your space. Our boulders take up a lot of surface area, so you want to make sure you have enough room.
  2. Have a friend or family member help you place the rocks. Most of our rocks can be easily carried by one person, but the larger ones may require two people. Also, it helps to have a second set of eyes on the composition of the rocks.
  3. Let these rocks do double duty. Do you have an area of your yard that won’t grow grass, or an ugly septic cleanout or one of these eyesores in your yard? Cover it with a fake rock.

While there is always a place for real stone – artificial rocks are an easier, affordable alternative. Check out our product pages for specific dimensions and find out where to buy. Then get out there and rock your landscape.