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3 Easy, Stylish Indoor Trellis Ideas

Ashley VanderWall

A trellis is an easy, affordable way to add function and style to any space. You can use a trellis to stabilize plants, provide climbing vines a place to grow, and add height to your landscape. You can stake it in the ground or attach it to a wall.

Traditionally used for outdoor applications, we are seeing a rise in trellises used indoors. And for good reason. They’re an inexpensive and easy way to add a unique design element to your indoor space.

Here are 3 Indoor Trellis Ideas for you to try:

Accent Piece Trellises

Because of their stylish designs, trellises make perfect accent pieces. They can add height, dimension, and texture to a focal wall. Use multiple trellises to fill larger spaces. The trellises in this photo are simply staked into the rocks.

Trellises shown in photo: 42 in. Grid Trellis and 72 in. Grid Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis

Plant real (or fake!) flowers or foliage vertically on a wall and mount one or more trellises to it using screws or trellis brackets. With brackets, the trellis is offset a couple inches from the wall, allowing room for climbing plants to wind around it. In the photo below, two trellises are mounted to the wall using trellis brackets.

Trellises shown in photo: (2) - 48 in. Ladder Trellis

Indoor Planter Trellis

Go traditional – stake a trellis in an indoor planter to provide support for your potted plant. In addition to stabilizing the plant, the trellis adds height and dimension to your space.

Trellis shown in photo: 42 in. Grid Trellis

You can purchase wood trellis at many garden centers and big box stores. We offer a full line of both classic and unique Outdoor Essentials trellis styles to choose from – check them out here!