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September Gardening To-Do List

August 31, 2020

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

September Garden Chores

With September comes the home stretch of summer and the official start of fall. If you’re newer to gardening, you may be wondering what to do with your garden at this point. Since the climate varies around the country, each region will have different gardening to-do’s, but there are some September garden chores that are common across most regions.

Your September Gardening To-Do list

  1. Divide Perennials.
    Now is the perfect time to divide spring and summer-blooming perennials. Dividing perennials will provide them with more space to thrive, and you can use the plant in another part of your garden or give it to a friend or family member. Make sure to divide them at least 6 weeks before your region’s first frost to allow the roots time to establish.
  2. Purchase or order bulbs.
    It may be a little early to plant fall bulbs in many areas, but it’s a good idea to purchase them now while they’re still in stock. In northern climates, you can start planting bulbs in late September to mid-October. In warmer climates, you’ll want to wait until November.
  3. Clean up your garden beds.
    Cut back perennials that are done for the year and clear out spent crops, leaves, and plant debris from your garden.
  4. Plant late-season or cold-hardy crops.
    It’s not too late to plant! Depending on your climate, there are many plants that will thrive in this season. 
  5. Plant fall containers.
    In northern climates, it may be time to swap out your summer-themed containers with an arrangement of mums and other cold-hearty plants.
  6. Purchase or build a cold frame.
    If you want to extend your growing season into the winter, a cold frame may be a good option for you. Now is a good time to purchase or build a cold frame in preparation for the colder months ahead.