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How to Turn a Birdbath into a Fairy Garden

June 20, 2017

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

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Looking for the perfect fairy garden container idea?

Our artificial rock birdbaths serve their intended purpose well – they make a peaceful resting place for our feathered friends. They also make a perfect garden for our fairy friends!

Our rock birdbaths can be transformed into a fairy garden that is raised off the ground for protection and easier play. They provide ample space for both plants and fairy accessories. Their natural, rock-like appearance is an ideal foundation for a rustic or mountain-inspired fairy garden. And because they’re hollow, they can double as a cover for a tree stump or bare area in your yard.

We transformed our large artificial rock birdbath into a fairy garden complete with a mini “cabbage” garden, bonfire pit and pool. Check out our how-to below.

How to transform an Outdoor Essentials birdbath into a fairy garden

  1. First things first – plan! Do you have homemade or purchased accessories that lend themselves to a theme? Keep that in mind when you purchase plants. We chose a rustic-inspired fairy garden, which led us to purchase “woodsy” plants such as a miniature evergreen and arborvitae. Will your fairy garden be for play or decoration? We designed our fairy garden for play, so we left plenty of plant-free space for the fairies to explore. We also included a fairy pool.

  2. Gather your supplies. Here’s our list:
    • Large Artificial Rock Birdbath
    • Pea gravel
    • Potting soil
    • Plants with shallow root systems
    • Fairy accessories
    • Plastic bowl for fairy pool
    • Clear marbles for fairy pool
    • Cordless drill with masonry bit (for drainage holes)

  3. Time to get drilling. Add drainage holes in the bottom of the birdbath using a cordless drill with masonry bit. We recommend placing a drop cloth or towel beneath the rock before drilling. After drilling, wipe away the excess material around the drainage holes.

  4. Add a layer of pea gravel to the bottom of the basin to help with drainage. If you plan to add a pool, now is a good time to place the bowl where you’ll want it. You can use the extra pea gravel after planting to create pathways or other landscape accents in your fairy garden.

  5. Add the potting soil until it is about an inch from the top of the basin. This allows you to plant without spilling lots of soil over the edge. You will fill in the rest of the soil after planting.

  6. Arrange your plants and accessories. We placed our plants on top of the soil before planting them so we could rearrange them to determine their best spots. You’ll want to keep plants with deeper root systems toward the middle, where the basin is deepest.

  7. Feel good about how everything looks? Then plant away! After planting, fill soil to the top of the basin and fill in any low spots. Add your fairy accessories and any accents that add to your garden’s vibe. We accented our garden with extra landscaping rocks we found in the yard.

Here are some of our favorite photos of our fairy garden.

If your fairy garden is in the right location, great! If not, no problem – simply ask a friend to help you move it. Remember to water your garden regularly and prune any plants that seem overgrown.

Ready to build a fairy garden in an Outdoor Essentials birdbath? Check out our artificial rock birdbath pages for more information and purchase options. Share your creations with us on Facebook!