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Which Fence Type is Right of You?

February 2022

Adding a fence to your yard can increase property value, provide additional security and privacy, and improve exterior appeal. There are several fencing options on the market today, including styles, materials, and colors. Which fence type is right for you? Continue reading to help you decide where and how to start looking.

Style of Fence

You can start by determining the fence style based on your privacy, purpose, and lifestyle preferences.

Outdoor Essentials Woodbridge White Privacy Panel
Outdoor Essentials Woodbridge White Privacy Panel

Privacy Panels

Privacy panels offer complete privacy from neighbors, the street, wild animals, and other undesirables. This style allows pets and children to play freely without the danger of leaving your yard. Also, a privacy fence reduces street noise and protects against most unwanted wildlife from entering your property.

Spaced Pickets

Spaced pickets are a great choice to enhance curb appeal and retain an open feel toward your estate. This style allows less privacy and prevents large unwanted animals from entering your property.

Hog Wire

Hog Wire allows you a complete view beyond the fenced-in property. It is the best option for those who want to enjoy their countryside view and protection against unwanted wildlife and people. This style complements almost every exterior home due to its minimalistic look.

Material of Fence

It’s best to look for material based on your style of home and the level of maintenance you are comfortable with each year.


Outdoor Essentials Cedar Flat Top Picket Fence

 Outdoor Essentials Cedar Flat Top Picket Fence



A wood fence is most common because it is more affordable and highly customizable. However, this material can require the most maintenance. Over time, wood will weather and decay, so it is critical to keep up with annual cleanings and care. Overall, this option is great for someone that is on a budget and looking for the ability to customize their fence.


Vinyl is more expensive than wood, but the investment lasts several years with minimal maintenance. Vinyl contains a UV inhibitor that helps slow down discoloration and damage from the sun. This material is thicker, more durable, and more flexible than most fence materials to withstand harsh weather.

Hog Wire

Hog Wire is a durable welded wire mesh that has very minimal maintenance. It is the most cost-effective fencing option and is easy to customize in size and shape. Hog wire is a practical option for someone that does not want to hide their property but needs a barrier between potential harm, including busy roads, critters, etc.

Color of Fence

We recommend choosing a fence color that best matches your home style and color.


White fences are classic and will never go out of style. This color complements both traditional homes in the suburbs and rural areas. However, dirt and debris may be more visible on it, so this color needs to be routinely cleaned. 


Tan fences are great for standing out from traditional fenced-in yards. And this color offers a unique benefit that white does not; it can hide the visibility of sand, dirt, and debris building up for a cleaner look year-round. 


Outdoor Essentials Color-Treated Hog Wire Fence Panel


Wood Color

If you are looking for a natural-looking fence, using pressure-treated wood allows you to maintain that appearance while adding extra privacy to your home. Most importantly, this color matches most home exteriors and landscapes.   

Whether a professional is installing your fence, or you are doing it yourself, invest in the right style, material, and color that matches your lifestyle, privacy, and design preferences.


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