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Woodlands Pergola


How many people will I need to help install a pergola?

You will need at least two people to assemble one of our pergolas.

Do I need to anchor this pergola to the ground?

Yes. Our pergolas are heavy, robust structures and must be anchored to the ground. This can be done by burying the posts into the ground or mounting the posts to the surface using approved fasteners. You must check local ordinances and regulations to determine the approved method for anchoring the pergola.

What type of wood are the pergola components made of?

The wood components are made of ProWood® pressure-treated lumber, providing superior resistance to rot and decay. For more information on this, check out our ProWood information page.

I have some building skills but am a DIYer, not a professional. Can I build this pergola?

Yes. Our pergola kits were designed for straightforward purchasing and assembly. They include all lumber and fasteners needed to assemble one pergola. All components are precut and notched or grooved to eliminate intricate cuts in the field. Before starting any assembly, it is important to read the installation instructions to be sure you have the skills necessary to safely complete the project. Hire a professional if you doubt your ability to safely complete the project.