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Wood Fence - How To

We walk through how to install a wood fence, from start to finish.
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Wood Fence - Preassembled Panels

Get tips on tricks on how to install our time-saving preassembled fence panels.
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How to Properly Set Fence Posts

We show you how to dig post holes and properly set fence posts in concrete.
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How to Build a Dog Ear Privacy Fence

How to build a privacy fence using posts, pickets and backer rails.
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How to Build a Shadowbox Fence

How to build a Shadowbox fence using posts, pickets and backer rails.
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How to Build a Spaced Picket Fence

How to build a spaced picket fence using posts, pickets and backer rails.
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How to Facemount a Privacy Fence Panel

How to facemount a preassembled privacy fence panel to posts.
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How to Attach a Fence Panel Between Posts

How to mount a preassembled fence panel between fence posts.
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How to Facemount a Spaced Picket Fence Panel

How to facemount a spaced picket fence panel to fence posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have wood spaced picket fence panels with closer picket spacing?

Custom wood fence panels are not available, but we do offer loose pickets and rails in most markets. These can be used to create your own spaced picket panel with your desired spacing. We have a variety of picket styles to choose from.

Are wood fence gates available?

Yes. Most wood gates are available in 36", 42" or 44" widths. Make custom gates by using loose components or by trimming a fence panel to the proper width.

Do you offer finials or post caps to decorate my fence post tops?

Yes. We offer a variety of finials and finial bases to add to your wood fence posts.

How deep should I bury fence posts?

A rule of thumb is to place a third of the length of the fence post in the ground. Use a diameter of 10"-12" for all post holes. We also suggest burying all gate posts, end posts, and corner posts 6" deeper than the other posts, especially in areas with high wind or extreme weather. Read this blog post for more information on post hole depth.

Should all fence posts be set in concrete?

We recommend that all fence posts be set in concrete in accordance with local conditions and standard building practices. Posts that are not set in concrete will eventually lean due to wind and weather.

What type of nails/screws should I use when installing my wood fence?

Use hot-dip galvanized fasteners or other fasteners as required by building codes. Check out this post on wood fence fasteners for more information.

How do I install a fence panel on a sloped landscape?

Pre-assembled fence panels can be installed on a slope using the stair-step method. With this method, the fence panels gradually step up the landscape with all rails level, rather than parallel to the slope. Using loose pickets and rails, a fence can be assembled and installed parallel to the slope of the landscape. Get more information here.

What kind of care and maintenance will my wood fence require?

We recommend applying paint or stain to your wood fence every two years or as needed. Here's our complete wood fence maintenance guide.

Should I paint or stain my wood fence?

To prolong the life of your wood fence, we recommend applying a protective finish to the wood fence once it is installed. There are three types of protective finish: paint, stain, and waterproofing sealer. The finish you choose for your fence will depend on the finished look you desire, as well as the species of wood used.