Wood Trellis Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep should a wood trellis be placed in the ground?

For lightweight plants, simply sink the legs into the soil about 12 inches. For heavier plants that need more support, sink the legs at least two feet into the soil.

What if the trellis legs are not tall enough to place two feet into the soil?

If you need to extend your wood trellis legs, you can do one of the following:

  • Attach rebar to the legs with wire or twine
  • Attach wood stakes to the legs using nails or screws
  • Attach metal stakes to the legs using nails or screws

What if the soil is too hard to hammer the trellis into the ground?

If your soil is too hard to push or hammer the trellis into the ground, dig holes about 1-2 feet deep for each leg. (The depth is determined by the amount of support your plant will need.) Place the trellis legs in the holes and fill in soil around them.

How do I attach a wood trellis to a fence or wall?

You can mount a wood trellis onto a wall or fence using a trellis bracket. Trellis brackets offset the trellis from the mounting surface. This improves air circulation and provides plants with a space to climb. Since each trellis bracket may be installed differently, follow the instructions provided with the trellis bracket.

What maintenance does a wood trellis require?

Initially, a wood trellis does not require any maintenance unless you want to paint it. At the end of the growing season, you'll want to remove any dead or crowded vines and rake away leaves near the base of the trellis to minimize rot during the winter. Prior to planting in the spring, repair, sand, and paint your trellis.

What paint should I use on my wood trellis?

We recommend using a waterborne exterior urethane enamel on your wood trellis. If you are using a lighter color, it will require at least two coats to cover the underlying color.