Homestead 20x28 Cedar Elevated Garden Planter

This Homestead 20 in. x 28 in. Cedar Elevated Garden Planter will add to any space on your deck, patio, or balcony. It's made with untreated, cedar that is naturally resistant to insects, decay and rot. Enjoy less strain on your back and knees with waist-height elevation. The planting depth of 7-3/4 in. makes it ideal for herbs and other small plants to thrive. It comes with as an easy-to-assemble kit that includes a plastic liner for proper moisture control. It can be fully assembled in less than 15 minutes with only a power drill.

  • Assembled Dimensions: 27-1/2 in. Long x 19-3/4 in. Wide x 27-1/2 in Tall
  • Kit includes pre-cut components, bottom tray, screws, and plastic liner
  • Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and rot
  • Plastic liner helps hold in moisture
  • Elevated bed makes gardening easy on the back and knees
  • No chemical treatments- ideal for organic gardening
  • You will need 2-1/2 cubic feet of soil to fill the planter.


See for yourself how easy it is to assemble: