Haven 48 in. Walnut-Tone Cape Town Trellis

The Outdoor Essentials® Haven 48 in. Walnut-Town Cape Town Trellis is both functional and decorative. Give your climbing plants room to grow with this unique color-treated, two-frame design. Add vertical space to your garden by simply pushing the stakes into the soil and loosely wrapping vines up the ladder. You can either use this accent piece in your garden bed or in a flowerpot. For easy installation, our trellis comes pre-assembled.

  • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Color treated for a natural wood finish
  • Uses heavy duty staples for durable construction
  • Easy installation with pre-assembled components
  • Two-frame design that complements most garden spaces
  • Use in flowerpots or garden beds
  • Dimensions: 24 in. W x 1-1/2 in. D x 48 in. H