Artificial Rock Birdbaths

outdoor essentials medium fake rock birdbath

Artificial Rock Birdbaths

Outdoor Essentials® artificial rock birdbaths look like they are sculpted from natural stone. They are hollow, fake rocks with a wide, shallow basin in the top. They are made of durable fiberglass composite, making them both strong and lightweight.

These birdbaths can serve more than their intended purpose. Yes, they are welcome resting place for birds. They are also a fountain, a fairy garden or whatever else your creative mind can think up. Their fiberglass composite wall is drillable for vent holes or to run hoses or wires. And because they’re hollow, you can use these bird baths to cover unsightly objects in your yard.

All of our birdbaths are individually painted with a UV-resistant finish and backed by a 5-year warranty. We offer two sizes: Medium and Large.

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