Privacy Vinyl Accent Fence

Our Outdoor Essentials® Privacy Accent Fence is great at hiding those things you (or your neighbors) would prefer not to see. Use this privacy accent fence to conceal unattractive outdoor fixtures such as utility boxes, HVAC compressors and trash cans. Place it in the corner of your yard or patio to seclude it from public view. Or use it as an outdoor shower surround.

Adding privacy to your outdoor space couldn’t get much easier. This Privacy Accent Fence comes in a ready-to-assemble kit. The kit includes posts, post caps, rails and pickets, along with wooden stakes to secure the fence to the ground. All components slide together and lock into place. You won’t need any glue or fasteners.

The accent fence is made of low-maintenance vinyl. You’ll never need to paint or stain in. To keep it looking good, simply spray it off with a hose if it gets dirty.