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2020 Fence Trends

Ashley VanderWall

As the year is winding down, we’re looking at what’s on the rise for next year. Our team dug through data, searched social media, and researched overall trends to bring you our 2020 Fence Trends. Some trends are new, some are emerging – but we anticipate a significant rise in all of them as we head into the new decade.

2020 Fence Trends

Dark Fence Colors

Move over white picket fence. Darker fence colors such as navy blue, dark gray, dark green, and black are stepping in. These dark colors allow other design elements, furniture, and landscape to pop. Rather than overwhelm the landscape, they blend into the background and offer an elegant appearance. These dark colors also have a practical benefit – the fence doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. Homeowners will be able to purchase prepainted wood fence, vinyl, or metal in these dark colors. They can also achieve a darker look by painting their existing wood fence.

Art Deco Style

The Art Deco style is gaining popularity as Mid-Century wanes. We are starting to see this reflected in outdoor fence styles through custom metal fence and gate designs with geometric shapes and smooth lines. We anticipate seeing more of this fence design as interior style flows to the outdoors.

New Privacy Solutions

As home sizes continue to increase and lot sizes continue to decrease, homeowners are looking for a way to create a buffer between themselves and their neighbors. Some opt for a full traditional fence or lattice structures. Others are using fence panels and other products as privacy screens. We are seeing a rise in louvers, trellis, living walls, and one or two privacy panels as privacy screens.

2x6 framed wood fence panel as wall topper and outdoor divider

Ultra-Modern, Multi-Functional Fence

A fence is no longer just a fence. It’s a showpiece, a backdrop, an integral part of your outdoor living. Fences in 2020 and beyond will incorporate lighting, plants, unique accents, and other features that integrate seamlessly with the home’s aesthetic. We will continue to see an increase in horizontal and metal fencing as the desire for these ultra-modern fence styles grows.

Solid Privacy Fences

As homeowners increasingly show a desire for more privacy and security, we anticipate a growing number of solid privacy fences. These fences appear more like a wall than a fence. They don't have any gap between the pickets, offering true privacy and a sense of seclusion. Solid privacy fences may have tongue-and-groove pickets that fit snugly together, creating a solid look. Or, they may be built using a single piece of material instead of individual pickets to ensure that the fence is more difficult to breach. These fences can be upscale and decorative, but security is their main purpose. Some examples are full metal sheets framed in wood or gap-free composite or plastic materials.

Lighting on Vinyl Fence

As homeowners desire to spend more time outside, the need for lighting continues to grow. Low voltage lighting has become common on decks, and we expect to see it expand to vinyl fences in 2020. Since vinyl fence is hollow, it’s easy to run wiring through the posts and rails rather than burying it or hiding it on a wood post.

Mix and Match Styles

While mix-and-match fence is not a brand new trend, we expect it to grow significantly over the next few years. Homeowners will mix and match different styles and types of fencing for aesthetic and practical purposes. For example, a homeowner may have low fencing around a garden or property line, but full privacy fencing in portions of the yard or deck for privacy. Or, a homeowner may have a metal spaced picket railing around a pool, with a full privacy fence around the yard.

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