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Five Ways to Use Stepping Stones

Updated September 4, 2020

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

Stepping stones are a simple, DIY-friendly way to add color and function to your outdoor space. Outdoor Essentials® stepping stones are strong, durable and lightweight. They take minutes to install. All you need to do is decide where you want them and dig about one inch into the surface where you’ll be placing your stone so it will sit flush.

Here are five ways to use stepping stones to improve your space.

1. Create a pathway. Is there an area of your yard or landscape that has foot traffic with no clear path? Add stepping stones to guide traffic and cut back on wear and tear.


2. Provide a smooth stepping surface. Do you have a back or side door without a proper walkway? Stepping stones provide a smooth surface on top of rocks, bark or grass.


3. Add color and texture to your landscape. Is there a spot in your landscape bed that needs an extra accent? A stepping stone is a simple way to add color and personality.


4. Add an extra step to tend to your landscape. Do you have out-of-reach plants to water or weeds to pull? Add a stepping stone in your landscape and give yourself a clean, smooth place to step and reach those hard-to-get plants and weeds.

5. Take it inside! Place your stepping stone on your sunroom table for use as a plant stand or decor piece.

Interested in a small project with a big impact? Check out our complete line of stepping stones here.