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Can Vinyl Fence Be Painted?

Ashley VanderWall

Maybe you moved into a house with an existing vinyl fence in a color you don’t like. Or perhaps you’ve had your vinyl fence so long you’re tired of the color. Can it be painted? A simple search will bring up plenty of articles explaining how to paint your vinyl fence. But…should you paint your vinyl fence? We don’t think so.

Here are three reasons we do not recommend painting vinyl fence:

  1. The vinyl fence will no longer be low maintenance.
    Vinyl fence is made of polyvinyl chloride blended with other ingredients to produce a durable, low-maintenance product. It’s designed to never need painting or staining. In fact, never needing painting or staining is one of the main reasons a homeowner chooses to install a vinyl fence. When you apply paint to a vinyl fence, it’s no longer low maintenance. You will need to reapply the paint every couple of years to keep it looking fresh, so it will effectively need as much maintenance as a typical wood fence.
  2. Most paint doesn’t adhere well to vinyl fence.
    Because vinyl fence is a non-porous material, most paint won’t adhere to it well. Some paint may stick initially, but in time will completely peel off. If you do paint your vinyl fence, you’ll need to choose a primer and paint carefully – ones that are designed for use on vinyl products. Even then, you’ll risk the paint peeling or damaging the vinyl’s surface.
  3. It may void the warranty.
    Many vinyl fence manufacturers provide an excellent warranty, like our Outdoor Essentials lifetime limited warranty. Painting your vinyl fence could damage the vinyl’s surface, therefore voiding the warranty. Before you decide to paint your fence, check the limitations on the warranty and contact the manufacturer if you have questions.

In our opinion, the risks of painting your vinyl fence far outweigh the reward. You could damage your fence, void your warranty, and the paint might not stick anyway.

If you're completely set on changing the look of your fence, there are paint-free options you can try. Plant tall trees or bushes to block your fence from view or install trellises with climbing vines along your fence.

If your fence is old or damaged, it may be time for a new one. Check out our line of wood fencing and vinyl fencing to see the many styles available to you.