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Five of our Favorite Fence Styles

March 6, 2017

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

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Our Favorite Fence Styles

Have you been dreaming of a fence that will help you create the ultimate outdoor hangout, a private retreat or a safe area for your children and pets? Let's take a moment and imagine the possibilities...

Here are five of our favorite fence styles to get you started.

(No offense to unmentioned fence styles, we love you all. But we had to narrow it down.)

We love a good Dog Ear privacy fence, especially when it's color-infused. Even in an urban setting, you can create your own private oasis with a privacy fence. How peaceful does this look?! (And how cute is that dog?!)

Outdoor Essentials Color Treated Wood Fence Urban Oasis

Another favorite? The timeless white picket fence. It enhances your curb appeal and protects your property. You can take your pick of picket style - French Gothic, Dog Ear and more. You can even purchase pre-primed fence panels to save time and energy.

Outdoor Essentials White Spaced Picket Fence

We also love mixed material fencing. Don't feel like you have to stick to just wood, or just metal. Choose a fence that has both. Mixed material fencing is on trend and gives your outdoor space a unique flair.

Outdoor Essentials Mixed Material Hogwire Fence

Another favorite fence style is a privacy fence with an unexpected top. Most of you want a fence for privacy or security - a privacy fence accomplishes both. But you don't need to stick to the classic Dog Ear privacy style (although it is one of our favorites). There are more privacy styles available than you may think. This Concave Silhouette privacy style has all the function of a privacy fence with a little extra personality.

Outdoor Essentials Color-Treated Concave Privacy Fence

Last but not least, our final favorite is a Shadowbox fence. It has pickets on both sides of the rails, keeping your yard mostly private but allowing for more airflow. It looks good on both sides of the fence; a true "neighbor-friendly" design.

Outdoor Essentials Cedar Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence

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