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How to Install a Wood Trellis

Ashley VanderWall

Installing a wood trellis is an easy project that will add function and style to your outdoor space. It’s also a quick project – you can install a trellis in less than 30 minutes. Here’s how.

First thing’s first: Decide the location

The location of the trellis will determine how you will install it. Are you going to place it in your garden? In a pot? On a wall or fence? After you decide that, jump down to the instructions that apply to your project.

Installing a trellis in the Ground or in a Pot

Small wooden barrel trellis with climbing plants. Perfectly sized for garden planters and barrels.

For lightweight plants, simply sink the legs into the soil about 12 inches.

For heavier plants that need more support, sink the legs at least two feet into the soil.

Some trellis styles do not have long enough legs to sink deep enough into the ground. That’s okay! You can extend the trellis legs using one of the following options:

  • Attach rebar to the legs with wire or twine.
  • Attach wood stakes to the legs using nails or screws.
  • Attach metal stakes to the legs using wire, nails or screws.

Sometimes, the soil is too hard to push or hammer the trellis into the ground. If that’s the case, dig holes about 1-2 feet deep for each leg. (The depth is determined by the amount of support your plant will need.) Place the trellis legs in the holes and fill in soil around them.

Mounting a trellis to a Fence or Wall

Wooden fan trellis with climbing vines

You can mount a trellis onto a wall or fence using trellis brackets. Trellis brackets offset the trellis from the mounting surface. This improves air circulation and provides plants with a space to climb.

Most trellis mounting brackets are easily installed using screws and a cordless drill. However, since each bracket may be installed differently, you’ll want to follow the instructions provided with the trellis bracket.

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