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Renew Your Wood Fence In 3 Easy Steps

Updated August 8, 2019

Ashley VanderWall

If a wood fence hasn't been properly maintained, it can look gray, weathered and old. If your fence looks this way, it's okay! You can bring it back to life by following these three steps.

Renew your wood fence in three easy steps:

  1. Give it a good cleaning.
    More than likely, the discoloration is purely at the surface, and the grimy coat can be removed with a power washer. Take your power washer and clean your fence thoroughly, being careful not to gouge the wood. Cleaning your fence with a cleaner/brightener that contains a mildewcide will help remove any mildew.
  2. Fix damaged pieces.
    After cleaning off that grime, you may notice a nail sticking out or a wood picket that is beyond repair. Luckily, these are easy fixes. Take time to hammer in any protruding nails for both aesthetics and for safety. Check out your local lumberyard or fence store for wood pickets that are sold individually and replace as needed.
  3. Apply a finish.
    The finish will improve the appearance of your fence while prolonging its life. Choose a stain, paint or waterproof sealer. Check out this post to help you determine which is best for your fence.

Now, you should have a renewed fence that is ready for your next BBQ. Remember to follow a wood fence maintenance plan to keep your fence looking this good for years to come.

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