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Ten Projects That Transform Your Outdoor Space

Updated January 13, 2020

By Ashley VanderWall

Looking for DIY outdoor project ideas? You’ve landed in the right spot. We pulled together 10 project ideas – both large and small – that will transform the way you see or use your outdoor space.

Ten projects that will transform your outdoor space:

Build a planter.

Add gardening space to a deck, patio, or balcony with an elevated garden planter. Planters allow you to grow fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers in places you wouldn't traditionally put a garden. And as a bonus - they raise the garden off the ground, which is easier for your back. You can buy a planter that's already assembled, or build your own with a DIY-friendly kit.

DIY Friendly Cedar Wedge Garden Planter for herbs and small plants

Paint your fence.

Much like how paint changes the look of an interior room, painting a fence transforms the look of your outdoor space. You can apply paint, stain, or waterproofing sealer to your fence. And you don’t have to stick to basic browns and reds anymore. Darker fence colors such as black, navy and dark gray are trending in 2020.

Staining a fence panel

Install a trellis.

This is a project you can get done in less than 30 minutes! Simply stick your trellis in the ground or in a pot or mount it to a wall with a trellis bracket. Plant a climbing vine or flowers and watch them climb. Not warm enough where you live yet? Consider installing one indoors.

Wooden trellis with metal screen offers support for climbing roses

Build a privacy fence.

Give yourself the privacy you crave and the backyard oasis you dream of with a privacy fence. When it comes to fences, there are a variety of material options, styles and installation methods. Not sure where to get started? Check out our Fence Installation category page for helpful tips, tricks, and inspiration.

Install a white picket fence.

Not only will you upgrade your curb appeal, but you’ll also add function to your front yard. Fencing in a front yard offers a safe place for your kids or pets to play. Don’t want to worry about fence upkeep? Choose a low-maintenance vinyl version.

Add privacy to your deck or patio.

You don't need to build a fence around your entire yard to create a retreat from the outside world. Give yourself privacy by adding screens, tall shrubs or fence panels around your deck or patio. Projects don't have to be big to make a big impact. Here are six other ways to improve your outdoor space with just one or two fence panels.

Customize your picnic table.

Ready to give your picnic table a fresh new look? Stain it! It not only upgrades the look of your picnic table, but also extends its life! And it’s a DIY-friendly project you can do yourself in a day. Choose a single stain color, or opt for a two-tone look.

Add rocks or boulders to your landscape.

Rocks and boulders add depth and a unique texture to your landscape. If you have the budget, you can hire a company to bring in the thing. If you need an economical, DIY-friendly way to get the look, choose artificial landscape rocks. They look like the real thing, but you can move them yourself!

Install a pergola.

Pergolas continue to rise in popularity because they make an outdoor gathering space feel like an open-air room added to your home. Put it over your patio table and it feels like an outdoor dining room. Position it over your lounge furniture and it feels like an outdoor living room.

Add color and texture.

Place stepping stones in a bare landscape bed or add trellises with climbing flowers in front of a blank wall - simple projects that make a big impact.

36 inch Cedar Tone Wood Ladder Trellis with pink bougainvillea bush

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