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Ten Projects That Transform Your Outdoor Space

April 25, 2017

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

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Ready for an outdoor project, but not sure where to start? We're here to help you with that.

Don't be concerned you don't have enough time, space, or skill to transform your outdoor space. You can find a project that fits all three.

Concerned about time? You can build a raised garden bed in less than five minutes.

Worried about lack of space? Outdoor improvement projects don’t have to be grand to be effective. Plant a container garden on your balcony, or add a single section of privacy fence to your patio.

Not confident you have the skill? Everyone has the ability to transform his or her space. Maybe you just haven’t tried the right project. Pick a simple project to start. And if you make a mistake, that’s OK – just try to get it right the next time.

Don’t know where to start? Here's a list of ten projects to start from. Pick one. 😊

Ten ways to transform your outdoor space:

  1. Plant a garden. Big or small – doesn’t matter. Transform a section of your yard or plant a container garden. Try a theme garden – pizza gardens, salsa gardens and salad gardens are a few options. Many raised garden beds and elevated garden planters come in easy, DIY-friendly kits to simplify starting a garden.
  2. Outdoor Essentials Cedar Raised Garden Bed

  3. Paint or stain your fence. Refresh it with stain. Or, go bold and paint it a unique color. Wondering which finish is best for your wood fence? Check out this post to find out.
    Painting a wood fence

  4. Build a fence. This is definitely a project for more experienced DIYers, but with all the new products, tools and resources out there, it’s doable. Motivated to take on your first fence install? Read our post on how to survive your first install.
    Outdoor Essentials Fence Build

  5. Clean up your landscape beds. Plant new shrubs or flowers. Grab some timbers and build a border around the beds.
    Outdoor Essentials Landscape Timbers as landscape border

  6. Build a sandbox for your kids. It just takes some landscape timbers or lumber and a few bags of play sand.
    Outdoor Essentials Landscape Timbers as sandbox

  7. Spruce up your curb appeal. Paint your front door. Add a new mailbox post. Update your address numbers. Build a pergola.

  8. Complete a railroad tie project. There are tons of projects on Pinterest, from benches to steps to pathways.
    Outdoor Essentials Railroad Ties

  9. Add outdoor seating. There’s nothing like sharing a meal in the fresh air. Buy a new outdoor dining set or build your own picnic table.
    Outdoor Essentials wooden picnic table

  10. Cozy up your deck or patio. Make your deck or patio an extension of your home by adding comfy seating, an indoor/outdoor rug and even a pergola for some shade.

  11. Add dimension to your landscaping. Add landscape rocks, bird baths or stepping stones.
    Outdoor Essentials Small Skimmer Fake Landscape Rock

Which project are you going to try? Start that Pinterest board and gather ideas. Then get to work transforming your slice of the world.