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What yard work should be done in the fall?

September 9, 2020

Posted by Ashley VanderWall

Fall yard work is all about tidying up and getting your outdoor space ready for the upcoming winter. It's also about the spring. The work you do now impacts how your outdoor space looks and functions come spring. Your fall outdoor chores should include taking care of your lawn, garden, and fence and deck. 

Your Lawn

Aerate and fertilize your lawn.

This will help give you a thicker, greener lawn come spring.

Keep up with raking your leaves.

A blanket of fallen leaves left on your lawn will block light and trap in moisture, which can be detrimental to the grass beneath it. Keep your lawn clear of leaves. Also, regularly check the bases of your fence and deck posts and remove leaves that can lock in moisture along those areas. Don’t forget to clean leaves and other debris out of your gutters!

Dry out irrigation lines.

If not removed, standing water can freeze and break your irrigation system’s tubing.

Your Garden, Shrubs and Trees

Clean out spent crops and weed garden areas.

This will prevent plant disease and give you a cleaner garden to start with in the spring.

Divide perennials.

Dividing perennials will provide them with more space to thrive. You can transplant them to another part of your yard or give to a friend or neighbor. Divide them at least 6 weeks before your region’s first frost to allow the roots time to establish.

Plant spring-blooming bulbs.

Depending on your climate, you can plant as early as late September, but may want to wait until October or November.

Trim dead or dying tree branches.

Be sure to remove any that could break from a heavy blanket of snow.

Protect delicate landscaping.

Add mulch to the base and wrap with a cloth barrier.

Your Fence and Deck

Prepare your fence for winter.

Winter can wreak havoc on a fence if you’re not prepared. Check out our blog to read our four tips on getting your fence winter-ready.

Winterize your deck.

Our friends at Deckorators have some great tips to help winterize your composite deck. They recommend keeping it clear of debris and giving it a good cleaning. Learn more on their blog post. If your deck is made out of wood, ProWood recommends inspecting, cleaning, and protecting it before winter hits. Check out their blog for details.