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What is vinyl fence made of?

Ashley VanderWall

Vinyl fence is made of polyvinyl chloride blended with other ingredients.

What is polyvinyl chloride?

Vinyl fence is made of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. PVC is used for pipe, windows, and other construction components. Vinyl, short for PVC, is a widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, commonly used in the building products industry. In fact, about three-quarters of all vinyl that’s produced goes into building and construction applications.

What other ingredients are blended with polyvinyl chloride?

In a vinyl fence application, vinyl is blended with other ingredients to yield a durable, strong, and long-lasting fence material. Our vinyl fence material includes titanium dioxide (TiO2), UV inhibitors and acrylic impact modifiers. The titanium dioxide prevents discoloration and yellowing caused by exposure to the sun and the environment. The impact modifiers prevent the vinyl from cracking or breaking unless it sustains an unusual impact.

Vinyl Pros and Cons


Vinyl has many features that make it an ideal building products material, particularly for fence. First, it’s durable and strong. It has five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood. Second, it’s low maintenance. It never needs to be painted or stained. It simply needs to be washed with mild detergent and water if it gets dirty. Third, it’s long-lasting. Our vinyl fence comes with a lifetime-limited warranty. Finally, it offers a clean, streamlined look that matches many exterior trim styles.


There are some disadvantages to vinyl as a fence material, depending on your budget and style preference. Vinyl is a more expensive building material when comparing it to pressure-treated wood. The cost can be recouped over the years because you’ll save on maintenance spending, but the higher up-front cost may deter some homeowners. Vinyl fence repairs can be expensive and more difficult than wood. And some people prefer the look of a natural product over a synthetic one.


Shopping for vinyl fence?

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