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Five Easy Ways to Use a Trellis

Updated March 23, 2021

Ashley VanderWall

Installing a trellis is an easy project that can make a big impact. Trellises come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. The most common use for a trellis is in gardening, but there are plenty of other ways to use them - you can get creative!

Here are five easy ways you can use a trellis.

Put it in a planter.

Stake your trellis in a barrel, planter or container garden to add height and support tall flowers. Choose a trellis that’s tall enough for your climbing flowers, yet small enough to look proportional to the planter.
Small wooden barrel trellis with climbing plants. Perfectly sized for garden planters and barrels.

Mount it to a wall.

Attach your trellis to a wall to create natural décor with climbing flowers. Use a trellis bracket to offset the trellis from the wall and give your climbing plants space to wrap.
72 inch Cedar Tone Diamond Lattice Wood Trellis with climbing bougainvillea plant

Wooden fan trellis with climbing vines

Use it as a privacy screen.

Stake two or more tall trellises side-by-side and plant clematis or other flowers to climb them, creating a natural privacy screen. Place the trellises along the edge of a patio or courtyard for a secluded vibe. Or, use them to conceal an AC unit or other outdoor fixture.
Wooden lattice trellis with climbing clematis used as patio privacy

Make it a piece of art.

A properly placed trellis can elevate your outdoor aesthetics. Place in front of a blank wall to create an eye-catching accent. Train your favorite color roses to climb it and add pops of color to your outdoor space.
Black modern wooden garden trellis with climbing roses

Wooden trellis with metal screen offers support for climbing roses

Add it to your garden.

Stake a trellis in your garden as a plant support or accent piece to add height and dimension. To let your flowers be the focal point, choose a hog-wire or metal grid trellis that blends into the landscape.
Wooden trellis with metal grid offers support for climbing plants and flowers

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