May 2023
Five Undesirables You Can Hide with Artificial Landscape Rocks

A backyard should encourage you to relax and unwind, however, the look of that metal utility box does not. A great way to hide any unnatural feature on your property is to use an artificial landscape rock to cover it up; a lightweight, yet durable faux rock that comes in various styles, shapes, and colors (that are hand-painted for the most realistic look; no two rocks are the same). Also, they are finished with a UV-resistant coat which limits fading and discoloration from the sun.  Here are six undesirables you can hide with Outdoor Essentials artificial landscape rocks:

1. Wellheads

Our artificial landscape rocks are hollow, so you can slip them over an electrical box, wellhead or any other unsightly device sticking up in your yard.

2. Sewer Cleanouts

A sewer cleanout can be a lifesaver if there’s a blockage in your pipes, but that does not mean you need to leave exposed. Because our artificial rocks are designed and painted to look natural, they add an attractive addition to your landscape.

3. Sprinkler Heads

When you plan to host guests at your home, an artificial rock can hide sprinkler heads when they are not in use. They are easy to pick up and move (our medium-sized rock weighs less than 10 pounds!).

4. Drain Tiles

Our artificial landscape rocks are made out of a drillable material, so you can cover up the drain in the yard and still run a hose to it. Plus, they are wind-resistant and will not blow away in bad weather.

5. Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are normally not seen as a design feature for a home’s exterior. Our artificial rocks are great for covering that undesirable from sight.

Real rocks are heavy and will not cover your outdoor undesirables. Outdoor Essentials artificial landscape rocks are hollow, durable, and lightweight. Check out all our sizes, styles and colors.




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