May 2023
What Do I Use? Raised Garden Beds vs. Elevated Garden Planters

Investing in a high-quality raised garden bed or elevated garden planter are great ways to create your dream outdoor garden. But which one do you use? To help you choose the best product for your lifestyle and plants, we will break down shared benefits and differences between each type of product.

Shared Benefits

When it comes to customizable, you can fill both of them with the soil of your choice and the soil will not get impacted from foot traffic (roots have an easier time growing). They both drain better and have fewer weeds than conventional garden beds.

The Differences

Elevated Garden Planters

An elevated garden planter is a planting box with legs. The key feature for this method is the ability to be comfortable while gardening because it eliminates the need to bend or kneel to tend to your plants. This is especially favorable for those who want to minimize back strain.

Elevated garden planters have a wooden or plastic floor to hold the soil in place. This allows easy mobility to place the planter in any reasonable area like patios, decks, porches and balconies. However, because of the planter floors, you are limited to the types of plants you can grow in them due to root depth space.

Choose an elevated garden planter if:

1. You want to add gardening space to a deck, patio, balcony or porch.

2. You prefer to garden without bending or kneeling.

3. Your plants do not require a lot of soil depth.

Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds, on the other hand, are designed to be placed on the ground for plants that need a shallow and extended room for root depth. And these do not have floorboards so you can incorporate your preferred soil if your yard naturally does not have the appropriate minerals.

Choose a raised garden bed if:

1. Your plants require more soil depth.

2. You have yard space for a garden but don't have the appropriate soil.

3. You want to reduce weeds.

Ready to build your own? You can build either one from scratch or check out our DIY-friendly, easy-to-assemble raised garden bed and elevated garden planter kits.

Happy gardening!

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